Thursday, September 15, 2005

sme facts abt me...

Its 5am na and yet my eyes are far fr being sleepy… wat d heck?! so e2 wyl im eating dalandan…nagbblog hopping n lng ako. hirap tlga pg d buo ang araw mo…kc naman c batang fishball eh…di ko nkita 2day…di 2loy ako nkakain ng fish and chix balls =(

Sagutan ko n nga lang 2 (got these fr some1’s blog)… hala paexperience! =)

Name: Jenny Anne Acedera Fidelson
Birth date: 11- 07- 79
Birthplace: qc
Current Location: my bed room
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black
Height: 5’5”
Right handed or Left handed: right
Race: filipino
Weakness: gud smelling guys definitely! n those wearing white clothes 2...or someone hu can mke me laugh or smile atleast... =)
Biggest fear: death of myself or loved ones
Your perfect pizza: new yorker pizza w/ hot sauce
Goals you'd like to achieve: wana have a loving home n family of my own…n syempre lots of money 2 spend it w/ dem harharhar
most overused phrase(s): paexperience! galeeeng ah! asteeeg! ngak!...
Thoughts first waking up: how’s kobe in d oder room?
Best physical feature: boobs hahaha kidding…I think it wud b my smile =)
Usual bedtime: 5am (m serious…)
Most missed memory: college days and gulf air days… and t*** when he was still a man of worth n value (rili mis d old him…I super hate wat he has become now…though maybe im partly 2 b blamed...sigh)
Pepsi or Coke: neither (I prefer water, tea or juices)
McDonald's or Burger King: Mcdo
Single or group dates: group (dats 4 now…)
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestle tea: both
Chocolate or vanilla: both (love ice cream sobra! yumyummy! hehehe)
Cappuccino or Latte: latte
Do you....
Sing: parati po (kaya lang sablay eh =( ...)
Take a shower every day: twice a day (lalo n ngayn wla akong mgawa! suko n nga loofah ko eh…)
Have a crush(es): ruben of cueshe! ... n sam of pinoy big bro! hehehe
Want to get married: syempre noh!
Believe in yourself: yes
Get motion sickness: nah! byahera yata toh!
Think you're attractive: maybe…
Think you're a health freak: yes
Get along with your parents: mst of d tme yes…bt sometimes no (u knw how stubborn stage moms are!…love u ma! peace tyo =) )
Like thunderstorms: im scared of it =( magugulatin kc ako eh…
Play an instrument: b4
In the past month, you....
Drank alcohol: no
Gone on a date: no
Gone to the mall: yes (bought myself 5pairs of earrings n sme toys 4 kobe)
Eaten sushi:no
Been on stage: no
Gone skating: no
Age you hope to be married: 29
Numbers and Names of Children: haven’t think of it
Describe your Dream Wedding: hard 2 describe…I think it wud depend on hu im gona marry…(d whole thing must be collaborated by 2 in love souls…sweet!)
How do you want to die: some says dey wana die painless or wyl sleeping…but 4 me I wanna die beside some1 I really love…I WANNA DIE HAPPY AND SO IN LOVE!
List the number of...
People i trust with my life: my parents, my 2 sisters, tita sario, d old t***
cd u own: I got plenty
Piercings: 2 (sa ears lng po)
Tattoos: tattoo images lang…(inside my brain! ngak…)
Things in my past I wanna forget: I dnt think its possible unless il hav amnesia (I consider everything as a collection of hard earned lessons of life) <- kailngan tlga may explanation?! Harharhar =P ---------------------------------------------- FACT 9: What.... Music are you listening to now: tell me where it hurts
Time is it now: 4:45am
Your handphone model: nokia 5110 (kidding hehehe)
What are the things & ppl you treasure: my baby kobe,family,relatives,friends,pictures n videos of me w/ dem, memories of life n love… =)


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