Saturday, October 08, 2005

lessons and souvenirs...

Don’t carry extra baggage when u want 2 move on… a tip I have found 2 b very true.

More often dan not, It’s so easy to get mad to someone…esp 2 those people who irritate or hurt us in one way or another. Our human side would want to get even…would curse and would entertain evil thoughts…for me I think these are just normal (though of course its not right). Thinking bad is already a sin…and you’re just gona pile up d list of ur offense if ur gona make these thoughts into actions.

Eh bakit ko ba bigla naisip 2 write abt these things…kasi naman parang dumami lately ung mga taong sadyang nangiinis sa buhay ko. Hehehe dami ko prank callers and txtrs telling me dat dey found my name and number written in a public bus…even published in a job finder magazine…have found people telling nasty things behind my bac…im sure some people are also happy dat my relationshp w/ t*** has finally ended (for dem it’s a dream cme true) and d list goes on. I used to cry over these things…till I realized I cant really please every body…and that I would just gain more wrinkles for making a big fuss abt it all. hay nkakapanget tlga ang mga pasaway na to sa buhay ko! Smetmes its jst hard to pretend na di ka apektado eh…pero miraculously after 1 early morning of watching 700 club on tv…bigla n lng parang nawala ang anger and resentments ko. Ang dami ko narealize…na marami pala sa mga pinagpipray ko was just w/in my reach. I have long wished to move on after after my break up…un lang pala ang secret…eradicate those extra luggage! (Now I can say that I have really 4given na d big pasaways in my life) =) i wud want to say sory din 2 those people i came to indirectly clash with. sorry talaga!

Its ok to get mad once in a while…but after dat we should learn how to release d heavy feeling. Its ok to experience the humps along d road…but never stop n stay on top of it. came pass through it then move on…

700 club didn’t create an angel through a miracle…not even a saint…but they have created a more understanding jen…and for me that’s a huge miracle already. It made me feel so light and relieved. I admit I still fear leaving pinas coz im gona miss a bunch of people close to my heart esp kobe n aaron…but its like I am more ready now to battle and take a long journey ahead of me. I am more inspired coz I know gud things and more blessings are coming my way. The road may never be easy but im just glad that God is always there to be my guide.

I just couldn’t get enough w/ the lessons im learning every day…I am always excited about each day…gud or bad, sme things are meant to teach us something.

While I normally get myself some souvenirs from every place I travel…im also picking up lessons from my every day journey to life. =)


Blogger Erik said...

whoa! so when are you leaving? I'm happy for you that you finally found that courage to leave kobe behind for the mean time... oks lnag yan it's for him din naman eh.. I'll be back sa pinas naman Dec 6 sana magkita pa tayo.... from there d ko na naman kung ano mangyayari sakin hayyyyy I hate this feeling

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